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This article addresses a common problem among Facebook business pages, and Facebook groups.

Scenario is this: Visitors try and access your facebook business page but instead they are greeted with a Facebook login/signup page. This can be changed!

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Yes! We love doing things “out of the norm”. Every one of our team is an experienced software developer. We specialise in both Online and Offline programming however we found the majority of our business was coming from web design so we tailored our business to suit.

We are happy to provide quotes for desktop software, we can create bespoke applications or full corporate suites, we have even been known to develop “similar products” to others on the market as are generally cheaper.

Our desktop software programming expertise includes:

  • VB6
  • VB .NET
  • C#
  • C
  • C++
  • Java (Including embedded devices)
  • Mobile Device languages including iPhone, Symbian and Android
  • Python

We will choose a programming language to suit your needs. So far, this is most commonly VB.NET or Java.

We have released several commercial products including (but not limited to) the commission management tool for Land of Leather, POS systems for restaurants, and order management tools for our Reflux web package,

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Does Opal outsource any development?

In short, No!

Opal Creations has trained professionals to handle the tasks at hand, and if we do not have the resources available to take a new project on then you will be advised of this, along with an ETA completion date.

Generally other web design companies who outsource their work are unreliable as they are putting your business in the hands of others, and thus they have little control about the finished product. Freelancers working for other developers are often the least reliable as they have little interest in the clients well-being and do not develo a product that is “built to last”.

Occassionally we will commission a professional graphics designer for the more obscue artwork, however we proof everything to ensure that their work is of a high quality. The people we use are regulars and we have built up a sound working relationship.


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