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Reflux V3.5To further continue our goal of providing the UK’s leading restaurant and takeaway website software, we have upgraded our Reflux desktop client again. This is a free update and will automatically roll out and install on all of our clients systems. Future Reflux takeaway websites will automatically use the latest versions. (more…)

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Opal Creations Wiltshire has always used its own content management system, however when making websites for our clients (Swindon, London etc.) we always provided a different CMS for our web design. (more…)

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New Site: Pizzaman Online

Opal Creations Wiltshire have just launched a brand new website for Pizzaman Online. Pizzaman Online offer homemade pizza to Haslemere and Guildford areas, with a branch on the University of Surrey’s own campus!

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Join the growing community of Mobile Websites (MOBI) today before your competitors do. Buy a mobile menu site today. Your customers are trying to log onto your website via their mobile phones even as you’re reading this. Your normal website may take a few minutes to load, and may be complicated for the customer to view because it was not created for mobile phones! Plus if you have a Reflux site with us (version 3 and above) then you will get 30% off the prices. (more…)

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We have recently upgraded the Reflux Takeaway Website software. The update includes various bug fixes and optimisations as well as the following new features.


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This JavaScript function provides a simple script to generate a random HEX colour code that can be used on any DOM element. A simple call to the function “genHEX()” will return a 6 character string that changes everytime. This is useful if you want an element to be a different colour on each page load.

The Code

Below is the code, documentation is in the form of comments in the code.

function genHex(){
    // Make a new array with all available HEX options.
    var colours = new Array("0","1","2","3","4","5","6","7","8","9","a","b","c","d","e","f");
    // Make variable to hold 6 character HEX array
    digit = new Array(5);
    for (i=0;i<6;i++){
        // Loop through 6 times, randomising the letter added to the array
        colour = colour+digit[i];
    // Returns like "a10bc5". It is likely that you may need to add a "#".
    return colour;

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